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We ceased our Cut and Choose Christmas trees sales in 2018 as required

By appointment for former clients.  We still intend to allow non-indigenous evergreen tree removal as we can on a case by case basis, the Friday after Thanksgiving until Christmas. Between Eagle and Mukwonago on County Highway LO, 1/4 mile East of County Highway E. Please telephone the contact number below for appointment. Our intention is to restore this property to its native status. You can help protect the Mukwonago River too, please visit Friends of the Mukwonago River.

Balsam, Concolor Fir and Spruce; 6 feet or much taller, unsheared, open grown and old, not for everyone.  You will need your own supplies, saw, ropes, etc. We provide the tree search experience only.

You can see from the Google satellite view that our tree quantities have greatly decreased since we closed our commercial operations in 2013, and most are quite tall. Your search experience can be rewarding at this lovely piece of land on the Mukwonago River.  Stealthy and discerning folks will find a spectacular tree to meet their needs.

In 2003 we protected this property with a conservation easement  held by the Nature Conservancy which will serve to preserve the  pristine value of the Mukwonago River in perpetuity. For that reason we have not replanted trees since 1997, and we were not open for commercial business after 2013. If you want to help protect the Mukwonago River, please visit Friends of the Mukwonago River.

We greatly appreciate your business over the years we served you, 1997-2013. Have a wonderful Christmas season and a fantastic year.